How to Create a Company Vision Map?

As your company grows and becomes bigger, the challenges you face are going to get a whole lot bigger. This is especially true when everyone isn’t on the same page.

Different stakeholders. Different business units. Different processes. The challenges that go with setting common goals and demonstrating the value of change can make defining unified business priorities difficult. One way to align various stakeholders and prove the value of change is by mapping your company vision on a vision map.

What is a Vision Map?

A vision map is a visual tool customized for each organization. Here’s quick breakdown of what is and isn’t a vision map.

What is it:

A one-page visualization of the big picture that is segmented by business units, giving you a quick overview of the company’s health, processes, and systems.

What it isn’t:

A 100-slide PowerPoint presentation that drills down into unnecessary information, making it deliberately confusing and hard to explain. Something that’s generic and doesn’t really say much about your company and what it plans to do.

What are the Benefits of Using a Vision Map?

A personalized vision map encourages co-creation and benefits from developed abilities to substantiate values and reason, aligning the team with simplicity in class.

1. Show Your Team What They Get

Show them how their contribution affects the company and how every effort counts. Describe it as a win-win for everybody. The company only wins when they win. This creates more buy-in at every level, helping people see value in their own actions as drivers of the collective success of the company.

2. Create Better Alignment and Understanding

Having the transparency of having everything mapped out shows each person what their responsibilities are and what others are doing. This gives them clarity and a quick glimpse into how everyone is contributing to the big picture.

3.Improves Communication

No BS. Everything is to the point, and everybody is accountable to playing their part. All stakeholders know clearly what is required of them and that is communicated clearly to them with no room for misinterpretation.

4.Increases Collaboration

Creating a shared vision and helps the team better understand how the moving pieces fit together and who to ask for help when the need arises. This type of collaboration only works when there is clear visibility of the lines of communication and connection between departments. Everybody can start conversations with the right stakeholders for maximum efficiency and productivity.

In Conclusion

Having a company vision map is meant to be used as guiding post when things get murky in the business, especially when it’s time for everyone to put their heads down and get stuff done. When the water is rough, a vision map demonstrates the value of initiatives and can show the big picture at a glance. Test and course correct when necessary to get to the ultimate goal. Remember, the vision map is meant to be visual. Print it out and display it in an optimum location to serve as a reminder of the company goal. You can only hit targets when you know where they are.

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